Wooden Drink Cooler

Happy Spring  and March Madness! {If you’re into that – my team is already out so boo hoo!}

I hope that spring is starting to bloom in your neck of the woods.  This project is a perfect welcome to warmer weather and enjoying the outdoors.

Free plans made available by Shanty 2 chic  I’m not going to list my specific measurements because there were cut according to the size of my cooler.

Cooler – Check, Supplies – Check, Free plans – Check…time to start building!

If you have a different size cooler than in the plans, measure to get your dimensions then start making your cuts.  You will have a lot of like boards, so I suggest marking your lengths on the ends.


First, make the surround.  I’m checking my measurements and so far so good!

Here is the surround.


Everything is attached using my Kreg Jig K4 pocket hole maker.  I love this tool!

and time for another measurement check!  CHECK!


Now for the legs.  I did not attach them together with pocket hole screws as in the free plans.  They are screwed directly into the cooler.

One screw into the top of the surround, one in the bottom of the surround and one more towards the base of the legs.  Repeat on second leg board.  This method still felt solid.  {Oh Yeah….I stained it too!}

I trimmed out the top of the cooler with 1 x 2’s – making the edges flush and attaching with nails.

The trim is attached and I’ve made the frame for top/lid.

Measure so that the inside edges of the lid are flush to the inside edges of the surround.   Attach the frame together with pocket hole screws.  Here’s a closer view…notice there is an overhang between the lid and the frame.


Measure and cut your slats to complete the lid.  The slats are are attached to the lid frame using pocket hole screws.


Hang in there…almost done!  You will need a bottom brace to support your cooler.  Drop your cooler inside and set the top flush to the surround.  Mark where your braces need to be placed, then attach them to the surround using pocket holes and screws.


Attach the lid with a set of 2 1/2″ Zinc narrow hinges

Add a handle for easy lifting

Once we purchase a bottom opener and ice scoop, those will get added to the front legs.


Here is another pic of the cooler unstained.

Let the party begin!!

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16 thoughts on “Wooden Drink Cooler

    • Thank you Danielle! I like being able to give the ordinary new life. My husband and I have down-sized these plans and made a tailgate size. It’s more portable and perfect for football season or if you don’t have the room for the larger size. Thank for stopping by!


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