This past weekend was extremely busy for the Mr and I. We had a work day at our church and then came home to plant some knockouts! As the sun was saying goodbye and our eyes were trying to close on us, we hear a grumble in our stomachs.

We have been wanting to make kabobs for some time now but have not been able to find time for them. So we made it happin cappin! Let me tell you something right now, Mr Alabama Spice exceeded my expectations on the kabobs this time. Seriously, I believe they are the best he has ever seasoned.

So allow me to brag on my hubby for a little while and show you a few pictures of his cooking ability. I prepped the veggies, cubed the meat and laid everything out for him (that counts for something right 🙂 )

Blog 10

first gather all the goodies that you would like on the kabob

Blog 11

now shave the rind off the pineapple

Blog 17

just look at that beautiful combination!

Blog 12

cube about 6 boneless skinless chicken tenders

Blog 14

about 1-2 pounds of stew meat

Blog 15

Season the chicken with Season Salt and a Garlic and Herb mix. The one shown above is a blend that he bought from a local grocery that is Olive Garden brand.

Blog 13
Season the stew meat with black pepper and a steak seasoning of your choice. This one like the Garlic blend is just a locally sold blend from a grocery here in town.Blog 16
Grill to your satisfaction on steak and until juices run clear for chicken. The veggies will be tender by this time.

Blog 20
ok this one was just to show him off 🙂

Blog 18 Blog 19
now right here is where I draw the line but the Mr loves shrimp so….

Season with Cajun Spice- be careful with this one if you have little ones or sensitive taste buds. He put a little much and was having to take a sip from his cup after every bit of shrimp. It was actually quite humorous if you want me to be honest.

I baked some rolls to go with the meal because really this was a meal in one.

I hope you enjoy the kabobs!

Thanks for stopping by,

Mrs. Alabama Spice


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