DIY Backyard waterfall

My husband and I like to plan one new feature or update in our yard every year.  This year we decided to makeover our fish pond by adding a waterfall that flows into the pond.  The pump died months ago so sprucing up this eyesore was overdue.


We already had the pond insert and basic shape so we just needed to add some height. We positioned some HEAVY stone thingys ?? (found them on the side of the road one day) for the base.  We moved these around until we felt it would be a firm base for the decorative rock to rest on.


Next we covered the base with a thick pond liner like this one here.  At first, we skimped and went with a thinner liner but it didn’t last 10 minutes.  Splurge and purchase the thicker one from the start.  #trustme  Run your pump hose so it can easily be disguised once you start placing the rock on top.


Position your decorative rock on top of the liner.  We moved rock around for at least an hour trying to get the drops and water sounds pleasing to the eyes and ears.  (Most of the rock we pulled from various locations around our yard.  We ended up buying a few (3-4) flat stones that we used as stepping stones around the pond.

*TIP…place your pump (purchased HERE) in a bucket full of water and test out the stream to see how the water flows.   Another way to test it is to take the water and pour it straight from the bucket over the top and down the front of the formation.  That way you can visualize where the water will flow without having to turn on the pump.  (I spy cute legs!) #notmine 🙂


We landscaped the area around the pond with fresh mulch and added some greenery.

Let’s take another look….from THIS


to THIS!  We are SO pleased with the outcome and love this little corner of our world.  It really is the focal point of our backyard now.


Honestly, I wondered if the sound of water running constantly might get annoying but it has been very soothing.  Every night, we look forward to relaxing by our outdoor oasis!

Do you have any outdoor summer projects planned?


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