A Try at DIY

So Mr Alabama Spice and I decided to give DIY’ing a try. Surprising it went well. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy how this goes…

“Honey, I want to try DIY back-splash in the kitchen to tone down the red walls”

Blog 6

Can I get an AMEN SISTER from any other wife out there that gets the deer in the headlights look?? Like I was speaking a foreign language.

I said “don’t worry I made it easy and bought self-adhesive peel and stick sheets of glass tile for the back-splash” (Still getting the “look”)

So anyway, we waited until the kids went to bed and started the project. Now I used green to go with the Mason Jar set I bought for my kitchen recently but blue and cream were also available. Sets of 4 Glass-Stlye BackSplash Tile Sheets.

Have I mentioned that my husband has extreme OCD and is a perfectionist? Well thankfully, his OCD kicked in and he did an amazing job.

Blog 1

Yes that is a headlamp! #worsethanafannypack

Blog 2

He cut and stuck until his fingers hurt, bless!!

I was so pleased with the results! It opened our kitchen up so much and it just makes it look “old timey” if that makes sense. No matter what I ask of him, if its possible he will make it happen. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband. Didn’t he do a fabulous job?

Blog 4

I was a bit hungry so I was making a late night snack of grits and coffee 🙂

Blog 3

Of course, our youngest had to give his thoughts. I think he is pleased, wouldn’t you say so?

Blog 5

Sweet dirty face and all! No, he was not awake that late. This was the next day 🙂


So what do you think? How did we do for our first time? We had to keep it simple for first time DIYer’s. Next up a Farmhouse Kitchen Table!!!!


Thanks for stopping by!

Mrs. Alabama Spice


Five on Friday

Five on Friday_zpsyuphnw6t

Happy Friday Everyone!

Southern Sawdust and Mrs. Alabama Spice and I are joining up with A. Liz Adventures for our first Five on Friday! Let the window shopping begin!

Here is the wish list from Mrs Alabama Spice:

1.Platform Bed

I have been looking for new bedroom furniture and think I have decided it will be cheaper to build what I want rather than buy it. My dad and I are looking to build this platform bed together. I’m super excited!!!


2. Margeaux Necklace 

The lovely ladies at Glamour Farms has such a unique style. I have bought several tops from them. Plan to add this to my collection of accessories 🙂

Margeaux  Necklace - Gold


3. Mr. Clean All Purpose Cleaner

If you are anything like me, you are constantly searching for that one cleaner that does it all! Well, I have been looking high and low for this cleaner. My cousins fiance just recently cleaned my house and she used this stuff. WOW! That sums it up.



4. Pioneer Woman Cookware Collection 

I do own the Pioneer Woman cookware! It is the best cookware I have ever owned. Mr Alabama Spice agrees as well!


5. HOBO International Wallet 

What!?  A girl can dream right??

Here is the wish list from Southern Sawdust:

  1. Cute Rain Boots
    Since today’s rain chance is 100% and so far has held true to the weather mans prediction, rain boots are in order.  Not just any rain boots – cute rain boots!! I love the mint polka dot with the buckle from Target.
    Women's Novel Dot Rain Boots - Mint

2.  Hair styling tool holder 
I’m starting to plan out some bathroom organizing and this would be very helpful with         my clutter.  {Now if someone could come style my hair for me everyday}
Polder Style Station
3.  Folding Sawhorse
These would be a huge help with our DIY projects!  I like how they fold and are compact for easy storage.  {Sure would beat the old picnic table we are working off of now!}
TOUGHBUILT 41.5 in. Folding Sawhorse

4.  Swivel Chair
We are in desperate need of new furniture!  I’d love a swivel chair so you can carry on a conversation from any direction in the room but it must be comfortable.  The reviews are decent but I haven’t done a mad search yet so we shall see.  Also, this blue fabric and tufting is beautiful!  {I dare my dogs to come near it!!}

Christopher Knight Home Concordia Fabric Swivel Chair

5.  The Pioneer Woman Vintage Bloom Dinnerware Set
I can’t believe I don’t have one piece from her collection yet!  I did purchase something as a gift for a family member but nothing for moi.  This is about to change!  I plan to mix and match the solids and patterns.  The colors are so vibrant and fun!
The Pioneer Woman Vintage Bloom 12-Piece Decorated Dinnerware Set

Thanks for virtual shopping with us!  Happy weekend and watch out for all those April Fools’ Day pranks!


This past weekend was extremely busy for the Mr and I. We had a work day at our church and then came home to plant some knockouts! As the sun was saying goodbye and our eyes were trying to close on us, we hear a grumble in our stomachs.

We have been wanting to make kabobs for some time now but have not been able to find time for them. So we made it happin cappin! Let me tell you something right now, Mr Alabama Spice exceeded my expectations on the kabobs this time. Seriously, I believe they are the best he has ever seasoned.

So allow me to brag on my hubby for a little while and show you a few pictures of his cooking ability. I prepped the veggies, cubed the meat and laid everything out for him (that counts for something right 🙂 )

Blog 10

first gather all the goodies that you would like on the kabob

Blog 11

now shave the rind off the pineapple

Blog 17

just look at that beautiful combination!

Blog 12

cube about 6 boneless skinless chicken tenders

Blog 14

about 1-2 pounds of stew meat

Blog 15

Season the chicken with Season Salt and a Garlic and Herb mix. The one shown above is a blend that he bought from a local grocery that is Olive Garden brand.

Blog 13
Season the stew meat with black pepper and a steak seasoning of your choice. This one like the Garlic blend is just a locally sold blend from a grocery here in town.Blog 16
Grill to your satisfaction on steak and until juices run clear for chicken. The veggies will be tender by this time.

Blog 20
ok this one was just to show him off 🙂

Blog 18 Blog 19
now right here is where I draw the line but the Mr loves shrimp so….

Season with Cajun Spice- be careful with this one if you have little ones or sensitive taste buds. He put a little much and was having to take a sip from his cup after every bit of shrimp. It was actually quite humorous if you want me to be honest.

I baked some rolls to go with the meal because really this was a meal in one.

I hope you enjoy the kabobs!

Thanks for stopping by,

Mrs. Alabama Spice


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Monkey Bread Madness!

Every now and then I go sit with my grandmother and watch episodes of The Pioneer Woman, sip a cup of coffee and eat something sweet. Recently she made revised monkey bread you could say.

It was amazing. Normally I am a sucker for the bite size monkey bread. How can you resist the little pop in your mouth tid bits of sugar and cinnamon wonderfulness? Well this time they were BIG BITES! My eyes were opened to a whole new wonderfulness 🙂

So I decided to make this for my family on Sunday morning. Mr Alabama Spice came around the corner about half way through baking and asked “mama are you cooking monkey bread?” I knew I had him hooked. Yes! My goal was accomplished, I win!

The kids loved them, we actually had to split the last few because they ate so many. Note to self- buy more biscuits next time. Needless to say, it has been added to the “make again” list that Mr Alabama Spice and kids have made for me.
Texas Biscuit Monkey BreadBlog 1

Now this is a making for 10 biscuits as you can see. Keep in mind what I said above, this was not enough for the herd. Follow the preheat directions on the package and cook time.

Next you will take about 4 T butter and melt. Dip each biscuit on both sides in the butter. Blog 2

After dipping in the butter, roll each biscuit in cinnamon and sugar. Just eye this part. I used about 1 Cup sugar and 1 T cinnamon.

Blog 3

Line your baking sheet with aluminum foil. ( I like to do this to keep things from sticking) After lining, place the biscuits about 2 inches apart on the baking sheet. Blog 5

Bake as directed on the biscuit package. Don’t they look scrumptious??

Blog 6


Thanks for stopping by,

Mrs. Alabama Spice

Taking a Spin at DIY!

Hey there! I have decided to try a few DIY projects myself. Now calm down I have not given up on food but I wanted to see what all Mrs Southern Sawdust does. Let me tell you right now, SHE IS MY NEW HERO 🙂

I tried to “recreate” a fall mantel that I saw on one of my favorite websites Design Dining + Diapers. Let’s just say by the time I got done I had liquid nailed my fingers together, dropped a few things on my toes, broke a pumpkin and well yeah you get the idea.

Fall Mantel 2

Above is the Fall Sign I made to go beside my fireplace. I bought the wood and letters at Hobby Lobby. It took this a while to dry so I do not have it in the picture below.

Here is the mantel before the sign and a few other things were added. I absolutely love the wheat in the old white vase. The majority of the decor I had laying around the house. Something about this set up looks so simple and cozy to me.

I will take a few more pictures tonight with the additions made at last minute and update you tomorrow.

Fall is in the air! War Eagle!!

Alabama Spice

Family Holiday Trip

For the Labor Day weekend my husband and I decided to take the kids to Coheelee Creek. We packed a picnic lunch and swimsuits and hit the road.


It was beautiful! The kids loved the waterfalls and hiking and we also found out that mama is not so graceful. Right down one of those waterfalls I went. I can still feel it OUCH!! I really wish I could have taken pictures of the other waterfalls but climbing up and down those would have ruined my camera.

IMG_1470 IMG_1233 IMG_6760

Sorry everyone but Mr Alabama Spice grilled this time. He took fresh wings and smothered with salt and pepper. Fry them in vegetable oil until about 80% completion. Heat up that handy dandy grill and finish them off there. While on the grill baste them in desired sauce, flip, baste again. We love the sauces 🙂 Grill til done and voila!!!


Of course we made these in advance. Also dined on boiled peanuts and celery with ranch. This is a spot I would definitely like to take them again.