DIY Wood Bow Tie

My husband and I just celebrated our anniversary!  The traditional gift for 5 years is wood!  I can do this!  I started my Googling research and landed upon this fun website DIY Huntress.  BINGO!  I had my gift idea!  Time to bust out the tools…..

I purchased craft board at Michael’s.


As well as some fabric, Velcro and sewing elastic.


DIY Huntress was kind enough to include a bow tie template.  Just cut out the image then trace onto your wood.


I used a jigsaw to cut out my bow ties then sanded the edges smooth by hand.


I stained them in Weathered Oak (top) and Special Walnut (bottom).  *heart eyes*


I cut my fabric in 2″ wide strips, folded to the middle then ironed flat.
(Note to self: get manicure!)


I cut my Velcro squares in half so it would fit on my elastic.


Cut elastic to the desired length then attach the Velcro.  Pay close attention to how you attach the Velcro.  You want to place it on the correct sides of the elastic so it will fasten in the back around the neck.


I used hot glue to attach my fabric and elastic to the wood.   IMG_2651

Wrap the fabric once, then glue down your elastic and wrap again.  Cut off the excessive, leaving a small bit of fabric.


Fold end of fabric over to prevent fraying – finish and secure with hot glue.


Take a picture of your little helper (not helping) but ohh so cute & sleepy!


And here they are!!!!   LOVE!  They were easy and fun to make.  You can get so creative with the shapes and colors.  I want to make more!!!  Now…you ready to see how my husband looked wearing them?!  Scroll down….


Here’s my handsome, debonair man!  He thought his bow ties were the coolest gift!  And it was HIS idea to pose for me!!


He proudly wore one to church and received LOTS of compliments.  He did his share of bragging that lil ole’ me made it for him.  *blush*


It was so special for me to be able to create something unique for him.  Here’s to 5 years…and 45+ more!


Mrs. Southern Sawdust


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