Playhouse makeover Part I

Our little playhouse is getting a makeover.  See the original post HERE

Here’s the original photo

And here’s what it looks like today
The porch railing came down on a whim.  One side was not secure so I knocked it out.  I then noticed the railing was made out of 2×4’s and decided it would be easier to rebuild than to paint…so down it came!  The porch floor needs to be replaced so it probably had to come down anyway.

Here’s a closer look.  Taking the rail down really made that tiny porch feel more open. I plan to add it back but may reconfigure the layout and enlarge the porch.  Maybe…

This is a look at the filthy inside! (after we trashed a lot of junk!)


Christmas decor, craft supplies, old toys, and dead lizards! ICKKK!!!



Out came the carpet!!


so now we have a cleaner slate to work with.


I want to add windows but these adorable shutters doors must stay!  I’m thinking of mounting them on the outside as fixed shutters.  I love how the diamond shape is replicated from the front door.


I want to add insulation to the ceiling and walls but will keeping the beams exposed.  I want the back wall to be an accent wall and the other walls a solid color, possibly white.  Distressed #shiplapwall or #palletwall  ????


Progress is being made but I have a long way to go…and so many possibilities its hard to decide!!!  That’s why I suggest having a decorator….my Zoey has great tastes!


Do you have a 4 legged helper?

Please feel free to share any decorating tips/ideas that you may have for my makeover.  I appreciate the feedback!






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