Playhouse makeover

We had high hopes and big dreams for our granddaughter to use this shed as a playhouse.  We even painted it her favorite color! (cringe)  Blends in nicely don’t you think?!  LOL  #thethingswedoforgrandbabies

She did use it from time to time but not as much as we expected so my plan is to GLAM IT UP!  I have a feeling she will  use it more once its updated since she’s 5 going on 15! #timeslowdown


A tiny porch…so charming!


I love how it’s tucked in the corner… semi-private.  I envision my husband and I having candlelight dinners in here!


Bye, bye pink…hello white walls!


and a MINT DOOR!  I had some swatches in my hand and noticed this on the discount shelf and BINGO!  Just the color I was looking for!


The pic doesn’t do the color justice.  Yummy, fresh and clean!

I was able to test out the colors this weekend and I’m already IN LOVE already!  I plan to tackle the outside first then work my way indoors.  Ugh…nothing pretty in there…YET!

Stay tuned…..

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