Jelly cupboard makeover

Hello!  Whew….this blog has gathered cobwebs rather quickly!  Even though the ole’ blog has taken a summer break it doesn’t mean that we have!  I have lots to catch you up on.

First!  I must share how proud I am of Mrs. Alabama Spice!  She is currently out of the country on a mission trip.   She’s never left her family for this length of time.  She’s never been this far from home.  She’s never flown on a plane and she’s never been out of the country.  WOW!  How’s that for being out of your comfort zone!  She felt a calling and didn’t give into the fear of the unknown! Now that’s displaying full faith and obedience!  I pray for safety, opening of hearts to God’s love and forgiveness and that lives will be touched and changed forever.  May the message of our Savior continue to reach near and far.

Mark 16:15New International Version (NIV)

15 He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

So, here’s my latest makeover.  This jelly cupboard started out in my sister’s home.  It then moved on to my Mom’s, where it remained for many, many years.  I’m happy to say that it’s finally made its way into my home!


The doors and drawers have been removed.










I sanded it down really well and brighten it up with a fresh coat of Sherwin Williams “Glimmer”.


Then it sat like this for weeks.

I wanted to change out the old knobs but honestly, haven’t taken the time to shop for anything yet.  But, as fate would have it, I found the PERFECT vintage/sparkle at an estate sale with my sister.  And I wasn’t even looking for them.  I almost put them back because I didn’t know where to use them.  Ha!!  I’m so glad I didn’t.  {Hint!  Always buy beauties like these!}


I used a drill bit to make the screw hole a little larger. Other than that, they look like they were made for this piece.

I needed 6 knobs total and guess how many we found at the estate sale….SIX!  Fate I tell you!


I love how it fills in this unused corner of our kitchen.


I am still trying to get my decorating just right  but for now I love looking at this pretty thing.
Thanks Sis & Mom for the hand me down!  What else you got for me? 😉

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From Grilling to Drilling

SO I did it! It happened! Wait what? I finally built something. Ok ok with the help of the hand dandy Southern Sawdust behind the scenes here. Let me explain…

My grandmother just recently did some remodeling and she gave me her old farmhouse table and chairs. Well, the seats of the chairs are the kind that look like sack string were sewn in the bottoms. They are finally falling apart. I’m 27 years old and they are finally throwing in the towel. (I know she had them long before me)

I was talking with Mrs Sawdust and told her I needed something to put there so my children were not sitting on the floor eating dinner. Now, I already have one white bench on one side of the table so I was thinking why not make a simple bench to go on the other? HA! Simple?? What was I thinking? This was one of the hardest things I had ever done. I panicked a few times, drilled my hand, dropped the screws… need I go on? So without further adieu, i’m pleased to introduce to you the new addition to my kitchen. The kid was already there but isn’t he just the cutest??image

So here we go, first her hubby had the boards cut to the correct length for me. Thank you Mr Sawdust!! Now they made me do all the cutting with the jigsaw. It was not all that bad once I got used to it. Which was the last part of the last leg 🙂 Just kidding, no really. imageimageimage

Next we had to assemble the bench, this is where my little helper came in to play. imageimageimageimage

Next thing I knew, my bench was COMPLETE! image

All joking aside, it was the most rewarding feeling. I was so proud of myself. I didn’t realize how hard that was and what detail goes into DIY. Mrs Sawdust BRAVO!!

So I now have another project going on for a Window Pane Chalkboard. Thank you Lauren over at Bless’er House for the idea.

Have a great day!

Mrs Alabama Spice

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DIY Porch Swing for under $30

I’ve been wanting a porch swing for some time now so this past weekend I decided it was time to make one.  My goal was to keep this build as inexpensive as possible and I’m happy to say that was definitely achieved!  This swing only cost around $30!
Here’s how….


I used scrap wood to make the frame and supports for the seat


I cut down a pallet to make the backrest for the swing


I attached the two pieces together with screws


For the seat slats I used a broken down pallet and some fence board


I decided to craft drink holders


and after A LOT of sanding it was worth the worn fingernails!


I bought a porch swing chain kit at Lowe’s and 4 screw hooks and that was my only expense!


We have already enjoyed some lazy afternoons relaxing in our new swing!

$30 well spent!

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Outdoor Garden Bench

Kudos to Amy at Her Tool Belt for the plans to this beautiful outdoor bench!  It’s simple but the shape of the legs really dress it up!  AND…this little beauty was made from ONE BOARD and was less than $15.00!

Let’s get building…


1 – 2″ x 12″ x8′ cut according to the plans



With the template provided, draw out the pretty shape for the legs of your bench


Cut with a jigsaw or band saw – I used a jigsaw.  The second board cut SOO much better and cleaner with a new blade!  #lessonlearned


Assemble the legs


Attach the legs to the bench seat


And just over an hour later you have THIS!


She might need a little color but for now, she’s beautiful just like she is!

Now, its time to make her twin sister and I can’t wait!

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A Try at DIY

So Mr Alabama Spice and I decided to give DIY’ing a try. Surprising it went well. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy how this goes…

“Honey, I want to try DIY back-splash in the kitchen to tone down the red walls”

Blog 6

Can I get an AMEN SISTER from any other wife out there that gets the deer in the headlights look?? Like I was speaking a foreign language.

I said “don’t worry I made it easy and bought self-adhesive peel and stick sheets of glass tile for the back-splash” (Still getting the “look”)

So anyway, we waited until the kids went to bed and started the project. Now I used green to go with the Mason Jar set I bought for my kitchen recently but blue and cream were also available. Sets of 4 Glass-Stlye BackSplash Tile Sheets.

Have I mentioned that my husband has extreme OCD and is a perfectionist? Well thankfully, his OCD kicked in and he did an amazing job.

Blog 1

Yes that is a headlamp! #worsethanafannypack

Blog 2

He cut and stuck until his fingers hurt, bless!!

I was so pleased with the results! It opened our kitchen up so much and it just makes it look “old timey” if that makes sense. No matter what I ask of him, if its possible he will make it happen. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband. Didn’t he do a fabulous job?

Blog 4

I was a bit hungry so I was making a late night snack of grits and coffee 🙂

Blog 3

Of course, our youngest had to give his thoughts. I think he is pleased, wouldn’t you say so?

Blog 5

Sweet dirty face and all! No, he was not awake that late. This was the next day 🙂


So what do you think? How did we do for our first time? We had to keep it simple for first time DIYer’s. Next up a Farmhouse Kitchen Table!!!!


Thanks for stopping by!

Mrs. Alabama Spice

Rummage Sale Finds

Our church recently had a rummage sale {My husband’s nightmare! hehe}  and you could pay $5.00 to shop the pre-sale and get first dibs.  So my Sister and I rushed over after work and started grabbing!

I scored the cute bird pillow for $3.00.  Then I lucked up on 4 decorative metal tins for $5.00 each.  The price tags were still on the back and I ended up buying all 4 for the original price of 1!  The previous owner used these as a magnetic board it appears but I have more fabulous plans!!


See….FABULOUS!  Especially with that custom art!!  {This is my inspiration photo – not the real deal in my house – sad face} #wantitneedit


Found on the amazing Deannart IG feed

Next up are the candles..the pillar candles in the bubble glass vases were $2.00 each.  The three wick candle with wooden base was $1.00 and the “J” burlap table runner was $3.00.


I found several Ann Taylor Loft shirts for $3.00 each and the purse was $3.00 as well.


This adorable bar cart was $20.00.  It’s missing an end cap but hopefully I can find a replacement.  Should I leave it silver or paint it a fun color??  {The shaggy dog is my daughters!}  image

I scored these pair of lamps for $30.00! {mis-matched light bulbs – but soon to change. You use what you got!}  Great deal considering I found some similar ones HERE for $117.00 each or HERE for $136.79 each on SALE!


I’m addicted to junkin’!  At these prices, who wouldn’t be?!

Are you a yard sale, rummage sale, thrift store junky like myself?  If so, share your best trash to treasure find!

Happy shopping!


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DIY wooden deck

We recently had a tornado rip through our neighborhood.  Thankfully, everyone was unharmed but our trees and landscaping did not fair so well.  We lost a lot of mature trees and shade leaving us with a blank, unattractive canvas and zero curb appeal.


Lots of debris to clean-up & just a bit hazardous!

12743952_1547232908902960_4677640606554535161_nStanding in our front yard looking towards ours neighbors house.  Thank the Good Lord the tree fell the direction it did!12509215_1547232968902954_1102486005893428923_n

We had the downed & threatening trees removed and the ground leveled out some as well.


Once clean-up was done, the storm forced us to rethink the future of this space.  We desire to transform an area that was ripped apart into an extension of our home that is a functional, fun space to relax and entertain.

Once we started our clean-up, our vision became clear!  We picture this area filled with bright green sod, and a lighted footpath made of paver stones.  The path would lead to a wooden deck that encompasses the tree that was saved in the storm.  String lights draping overhead would create a cozy ambiance as well as a fire pit to warm up to on cold nights. Of course, some shrubbery, colorful flowers, comfortable seating and maybe an outdoor game or two.

So….we began.  Shrubs, sod and gardenias!  THAT SMELL!


Then we broke ground to decide the lay out of our deck that will encompass one of our remaining front trees!!!

Sod laid, plants in the ground, pathway done!  What an amazing transformation already!


Time to build!  My husband and I started with this on Saturday afternoon…..


and had THIS by Sunday at 1:07 pm!!  {Yes, I checked the time!}  It was a lot of HARD WORK but soooo worth it!  And boy did we enjoy relaxing for the rest of our day!


Deck complete…for now!  We still have a long checklist but the hard part is done!
We still need to :
frame the porch
add bench seating around the tree {maybe}
outdoor string lights
fire pit
Mulch / flowers
comfy seating
outdoor games
I can envision some warm summer nights under the glow of the lights and cold winters huddled next to the fire!  It’s still a work in progress but it’s open for some fun!!!

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