DIY Sugar scrub

It’s been a long time since you’ve heard from Southern Sawdust / Alabama Spice but no worries, we are still alive and kicking.

You can thank my cousin for the comeback story.  She’s a Nashville native and has started her own blog Delight & Flourish!!!  I’m so excited to share her food, travel and fashion stories with you.  Please show her some love!  Congrats Sara and happy posting! Love YOU!!!

On to the DIY!  For Easter I wanted to make something for the older bunnies in my life and I decided on homemade sugar scrubs.  I ended up making 2 to choose from.
(Links are provided (click on the name)
1. Cinnamon Coffee Sugar Scrub

2. Vanilla Pumpkin Spice 

For some reason I had fall scents on the brain last night.  However, I do have the ingredients to make myself some refreshing summer scrubs.  🙂

I would venture a guess that most of the ingredients you already have on hand but if not, they are readily available and inexpensive at your local market.

Pictured below are my ingredients.  I tossed everything into my stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment then mixed until all the ingredients were well combined.


I spooned the scrub into small jars


Then sealed them tightly.


I just need to pretty them up with some twine and tags and they are ready for the Easter baskets.
The smells are divine and all ingredients are edible so in case you get hungry in the bathtub>>>>>(keep that to yourself)!

I hope you try this super simple recipe!  Be sure to carve out some time for yourself to enjoy the softness of your skin and delicious aroma!

Happy Easter!


Luke 24:2-3 “And they found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they went in they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus.”



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