A Try at DIY

So Mr Alabama Spice and I decided to give DIY’ing a try. Surprising it went well. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy how this goes…

“Honey, I want to try DIY back-splash in the kitchen to tone down the red walls”

Blog 6

Can I get an AMEN SISTER from any other wife out there that gets the deer in the headlights look?? Like I was speaking a foreign language.

I said “don’t worry I made it easy and bought self-adhesive peel and stick sheets of glass tile for the back-splash” (Still getting the “look”)

So anyway, we waited until the kids went to bed and started the project. Now I used green to go with the Mason Jar set I bought for my kitchen recently but blue and cream were also available. Sets of 4 Glass-Stlye BackSplash Tile Sheets.

Have I mentioned that my husband has extreme OCD and is a perfectionist? Well thankfully, his OCD kicked in and he did an amazing job.

Blog 1

Yes that is a headlamp! #worsethanafannypack

Blog 2

He cut and stuck until his fingers hurt, bless!!

I was so pleased with the results! It opened our kitchen up so much and it just makes it look “old timey” if that makes sense. No matter what I ask of him, if its possible he will make it happen. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband. Didn’t he do a fabulous job?

Blog 4

I was a bit hungry so I was making a late night snack of grits and coffee 🙂

Blog 3

Of course, our youngest had to give his thoughts. I think he is pleased, wouldn’t you say so?

Blog 5

Sweet dirty face and all! No, he was not awake that late. This was the next day 🙂


So what do you think? How did we do for our first time? We had to keep it simple for first time DIYer’s. Next up a Farmhouse Kitchen Table!!!!


Thanks for stopping by!

Mrs. Alabama Spice

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