Rummage Sale Finds

Our church recently had a rummage sale {My husband’s nightmare! hehe}  and you could pay $5.00 to shop the pre-sale and get first dibs.  So my Sister and I rushed over after work and started grabbing!

I scored the cute bird pillow for $3.00.  Then I lucked up on 4 decorative metal tins for $5.00 each.  The price tags were still on the back and I ended up buying all 4 for the original price of 1!  The previous owner used these as a magnetic board it appears but I have more fabulous plans!!


See….FABULOUS!  Especially with that custom art!!  {This is my inspiration photo – not the real deal in my house – sad face} #wantitneedit


Found on the amazing Deannart IG feed

Next up are the candles..the pillar candles in the bubble glass vases were $2.00 each.  The three wick candle with wooden base was $1.00 and the “J” burlap table runner was $3.00.


I found several Ann Taylor Loft shirts for $3.00 each and the purse was $3.00 as well.


This adorable bar cart was $20.00.  It’s missing an end cap but hopefully I can find a replacement.  Should I leave it silver or paint it a fun color??  {The shaggy dog is my daughters!}  image

I scored these pair of lamps for $30.00! {mis-matched light bulbs – but soon to change. You use what you got!}  Great deal considering I found some similar ones HERE for $117.00 each or HERE for $136.79 each on SALE!


I’m addicted to junkin’!  At these prices, who wouldn’t be?!

Are you a yard sale, rummage sale, thrift store junky like myself?  If so, share your best trash to treasure find!

Happy shopping!


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6 thoughts on “Rummage Sale Finds

  1. THAT IS AMAZING! I wish we could pay more to get in early. Your lamps are gorgeous and I am drooling over the bar cart – don’t paint it!


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