Clock Make-Over

Hi!  I’m excited about how this DIY turned out.  I have not put the finishing touches on it yet but I still want to share it with you.

I bought this large clock at a yard sale a while back {think year +} that needed the motor replaced. Well, that never happened so I decided to tear it apart…and hopefully put it back together!

My inspiration came from Brooke @ All Things Thrifty

I got a little ahead of myself and starting disassembling for I took a before pic.


Big round thing with numbers that used to go “tick tock”

I removed the cardboard backing


This thing had 2 layers and about 2 dozen screws!

I pried the motor and spacer off with a utility knife and screwdriver


Instead of using paint sticks like Brooke did, I used some 1″ boards that I had in my scrap pile.


I staggered my pattern and attached the wood to the back side of the clock face using wood glue. I placed heavy objects on top of the wood to help hold it into place until dry.


Once dry, I flipped it over


and trimmed off the excess with my jigsaw.


Sand down the edges until there is no overhang from the clock round. {While it was drying, I painted the clock frame but missed getting pics of that step}


Stain it a pretty color


and do the happy dance that it fit back together!  {and I didn’t break the glass!]


The outcome is really stunning!

I’m in search of a vinyl sticker to add to it before I hang it in my family room.  Feel free to share your favorite sites where you purchase yours!

Keep this DIY in mind for Mother’s Day or as a wedding gift.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Building!
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4 thoughts on “Clock Make-Over

  1. Oh my goodness this is quite an undertaking, high 5 girl!!!! I admire your creativity and thank you so much for sharing this at Celebrate Your Story link party. Please join us again and have a fun and productive week!


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