Man Can

Nooooo…not THAT can!  A can {and/or bucket} for a man.  Let me explain….

My Nephew turned 30!  {The year on my calendar must be wrong because he’s still only 2!} Anyway, I wanted to do something fun for our celebration and I remembered seeing online something called a “Man Can”.  {Sorry, I have no idea what site this idea was from} Basically, its a gift basket for dudes.

I went to my local $$ store and grabbed my supplies


A can {or bucket} and items that look “manly”

Using Microsoft Word, I created a sign for my can and new labels for the products.  {I desperately need me a Silhouette or Cricut!}


Can you match the caption with the product?? hehe


I also created a “How well do you know yourself?” crossword puzzle here.  {It’s free but it requires you to create a login to download the puzzle.}  It has an answer key as well in case I know him better than he knows himself!


{Note!  The puzzle took him FOREVER!  LOL!  He told me to make it easier next time! hahahaha!}

Start labeling your items


Beans, beans are good for the heart.  That’s what my Daddy always told me!


He’s a prankster so all of this was so fun for him!


Label the can for the man


Then fill it with your manly items and enjoy the laughs!

If you’re looking for a little bit cheesy but fun and inexpensive gift, this is it!  You can keep it light and fun or get serious with some more expensive gifts, like liquor, a watch, some cologne… The options are endless!

What would you put in your Man Can?

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