Happy “belated” Halloween!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

My company hosted an associate costume contest and departments decorated for the festivities!  My department decided on the Ms. Pacman theme because we are all females up in here.  #girlsruleboysdrool

All decorations and costumes were handmade!  We had so much fun!  It was definitely a team effort!

We used large pieces of cardboard that were cut to shape and painted.  Big wiggly eyes are a must!


The floor between our cubicles was transformed into an arcade game!  We used black plastic table cloths from the dollar store for the background.  The “grids” were made with blue painters tape. The fruits were images we found online and enlarged.  The dots, ghosts, Ms. Pacman and letters were all made using Micro-soft Word, printed in color then cut by hand.  We were seeing dots for days!!!  But we were very please with the end results!


We made a joystick by covering a box and pvc pipe in black tablecloth then added a red Christmas ornament on top.  We then wrapped a sytrofoam bowl with the tablecloth to cover the hole where the pipe was inserted into the box.  For the final touch, we added a logo that wrapped around the box.




We played the Ms. Pacman music and chased each other around the office!  It was hilarious!
And yes!  We won 1st place!!

I loved playing Pacman as a child but Centipede was my jam!
What was your favorite old school arcade game??

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