Foyer bench

I am so excited about this bench I made for our foyer!  I needed something small for this space and it had to be open at the bottom due to an air vent on the floor.  I actually put this together on a whim and it was made with wood I had in my scrap pile.  FREE!! I started taking pictures and then got caught up in the moment and missed a few shots during the process.  Ooops!!  It was a pretty simple build so hopefully I can talk you through the missing steps.

The legs used were salvaged from an old table.  I used my Kobalt miter saw to cut the legs down to the correct length.


I had the perfect size cedar board to use as the top/bench seat.


I measured the distance between the legs and cut 2×4’s for the frame/base.  I drilled pocket holes for attaching the legs to the base, then the base to the top.  After taking this picture, I decided I wanted an overhang instead of it all sitting flush to the edge.

I liked the original chippy paint on the legs so I left those as is.  I wanted the base and top a different finish so I stained those before assembling.  {Make it easy on yourselves and don’t skip this step!}  I secured everything together with pocket screws.

I grabbed my orbital sander to rough up the edges and add a distressed look.  Then THIS happened….I guess I worked the machine too hard because it protested and threw  a piece across the room!  WHEW!  Thankfully I was not in its path…that would have done some damage.  RIP my friend! BUT…..I have my eye on this cute green machine!


And here she is sitting pretty!


I just love her!  I love the price tag even more!!


What have you made out of your scrap pile?

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5 thoughts on “Foyer bench

  1. Thank you for sharing this bench at Making Broken Beautiful this week! You made it look so easy! I’m a “leg hoarder” (that sounds bad I know…) and I love it when parts can be reused to create a new piece! Well done! I hope you will share again next week!


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