Nostalgia and Fall

Fall hasn’t officially arrived on the calendar or in cool temps but it’s here!  It’s everywhere I look, in the air that I breathe, and year after year, this season taps into a sense of nostalgia for this southern girl.
Each year I look forward to…
1.  Cotton plants bursting white, fluffy blooms that give our fields the look of freshly fallen snow…”Alabama Snow” as we like to call it.  Ya know, cuz that’s the only snow we’ll ever see!  #nowhitechristmas
2.  The smell of peanuts!  We are the Peanut Capital of the World! The air is thick and colored red from the clay soil that our tractors stir up from freshly plowed peanuts…ahhh choo!  {Peanut pick’n wreaks havoc on the allergies but that smell is one of a kind!}
3.  Friday night lights….nothing like the glow of lights from the football field in the distance.

I’m getting side-tracked but I love the changes fall brings….so to celebrate, let’s build an ‘ode to my favorite season!

The plans for this cute FALL sign come from Her Tool Belt – Thanks Amy!

I used scraps for this entire project!  YAY!  I started with an old board that had been painted white.  It was in rough shape but worked perfect for the look I was going for.


Cut your board to the correct length.  My Kobalt miter saw blade couldn’t make the full-width cut but that was no problem.  I flipped the board around and continued my cut from the opposite side.


Now, cut your board lengthwise so that you have 2 pieces.


I used my Ryobi band saw for this step.


I used more scraps to make my letters.  Since you will be working with similar sizes I suggest marking the cuts off your list as you go then label each cut with the actual length.


No guessing games later…trust me on this!


Center and trace your leaf cut-out onto your boards.  I used a jig saw to cut out the leaf shape.  I had to remind myself I was cutting the inside of the image out – not the outside.  Confusing?!  But it makes perfect sense in my head.


I’m excited with how the leaf turn out!  Looks just like a leaf!! HA!!  I lightly brushed on some orange paint I had in my stash, then brushed over that with a bit of dark wood stain.  {Not pictured: you will need to glue and nail braces to the back to hold your slats together}


Attached your letters with wood glue and small nails.  Here’s the finished product!  I forgot to take a picture, but I decided it needed a little shine so I added gold thumb tacks to the corners of the letters.


Happy Fall Everyone!!

What’s your favorite season?

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