Taking a Spin at DIY!

Hey there! I have decided to try a few DIY projects myself. Now calm down I have not given up on food but I wanted to see what all Mrs Southern Sawdust does. Let me tell you right now, SHE IS MY NEW HERO 🙂

I tried to “recreate” a fall mantel that I saw on one of my favorite websites Design Dining + Diapers. Let’s just say by the time I got done I had liquid nailed my fingers together, dropped a few things on my toes, broke a pumpkin and well yeah you get the idea.

Fall Mantel 2

Above is the Fall Sign I made to go beside my fireplace. I bought the wood and letters at Hobby Lobby. It took this a while to dry so I do not have it in the picture below.

Here is the mantel before the sign and a few other things were added. I absolutely love the wheat in the old white vase. The majority of the decor I had laying around the house. Something about this set up looks so simple and cozy to me.

I will take a few more pictures tonight with the additions made at last minute and update you tomorrow.

Fall is in the air! War Eagle!!

Alabama Spice

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