I {dis}like big mirrors and I cannot lie….

You know those BIG, square, heavy bathroom mirrors?  Well, we have one but its not in the bathroom anymore.  {Hip Hip Hooray!]  We downsized and that left us with two choices…hang it downstairs to use in a weight room, exercise kind of space {not MY idea, for the record} 🙂 or find a way to re-purpose.  Hmmm, since I can always find an excuse not to workout I chose the DIY route!
Guess who my build plans came from…yep, once again the sisters over at Shanty 2 Chic made my day!

Since I dislike big mirrors {Is the real version of the song stuck in your head yet?! Yes, you’re welcome for that!} I purchased this handy glass cutter from our local Lowe’s to cut it down to a more manageable size.

Queue picture of dirty mirror, taken outside at night with the overhead light reflecting!  NAILED IT!!

Here’s ya even more awesomeness…..add puppy walking over previous mentioned dirty mirror, etc. Measure & cut the mirror to your preferred size.  This step made me a little nervous but ended up being rather simple and quick.  #faceyourfears


These plans require you to cut 45 degree angles!!! YAY!!  So fun & super easy – just set your dial…


and let the machine do the rest!


All cuts are made.  Now its time to assemble.


I glued the sides together


then stapled to make more secure.  I was on a roll and wouldn’t you know it…there was only ONE STAPLE in the gun!!  ARGHHHH – thankfully I had more on hand so I quickly re-loaded and was back to work in no time!


After the glue was dry, I stained it with Rust-oleum wood stain in Dark Walnut.  This color is gorgeous!!  I let the stain sit for a few minutes then wiped off the excess with an old cloth.


I used Liquid Nails to attach the mirror to the frame and let it dry overnight.


And here she is!!


She’s sitting pretty on my Ana White console table!


Now I LOVE big mirrors and I cannot lie!!

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