Junior size bag toss game

I have the cutest little Granddaughter and she loves to play games.  So I decided to make her a “surprise”.  A bag toss game…just her size!!

Let’s get building….

1/4″ plywood 24″ x 48″ {I bought 2 sheets, enough to make 4 boards}
Cut the boards in half so now you have 4 pieces 12″ x 24″


I used 1″ x 3″ boards to make a frame.


I improvised with the “hole” making.  I was concerned with how round {or not so round} my circle would end up.  {Check out my sweet ride in the background…..”Do you wanna ride in my Mercedez boy?”…name that artist – I’m totally dating myself here!! Like, for sure!}


I started by using a drill bit to make a few holes so my jigsaw has a good starting point.


Next…get the right blade for the job!  At the advice of Addicted 2 Decorating, I purchased a “detailed blade” or curve blade. It worked like a charm!  The key is to move slow – take your time but the process went quickly.  Each circle took less that 5 minutes.


I failed to take a picture of the 1″ x 3″ frame and legs {The legs are 6″ from cut at an angle} being attached but its an easy step.  Glue and finishing nails did the trick.  {I REALLY, REALLY need a nail gun!}  Next, sand the tops smooth.


Finally, decide on your design!  It could be your favorite sports team, personalize it for a wedding or family reunion, stain it for a natural or rustic look or paint it your favorite colors!  I picked pink! Because….this girl


loves her


some PINK!  #pinkcowboyboots {NO!  Her outfit was not staged for these photos!}


She loved her surprise and these dimensions are just perfect for the little ones in your life. Great for a bedroom, hallway, patio or outdoors.

What was your favorite game as a child?

PS….I made the bags using dried beans and canvas drop cloths.  I glued the sides together then hand-stitched the edges for good closure.

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