Happy Birthday!

Last week Alabama Spice had a birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLIE!

I decided to make her present and instead of it being a surprise, I let her pick what I would make.  She chose a serving tray with rope handles.  She likes the rustic look so I used the leftover wood from my nephews pallet coffee table.

Gather your wood and knock out all of the old nails.


Decide the dimensions of your tray and cut your boards to size….you can use a table saw, band saw, jig saw – any of these will work.


To make the tray more sturdy and durable I cut one solid piece of scrap wood and glue/nailed the tray bottom to it.


Before assembling the sides I gave it a good sand…safety first!


Then I attached the side with nails and wood glue.


I failed to document the staining process or how I added the rope handles (ooppsie!) but here is how it turned out.


I also surprised her with homemade lunch and lava cakes for dessert.


I hope you had a birthday that was a great as you are my friend!


Southern Sawdust aka BFF!

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