It’s that time of the year again!!!!!

If your life gets extremely busy from August to December raise your hand please! Well for the Turner/Shelley families it flies by. My grandmother owns a catering business and she is out of commission. She injured her shoulder and has to have a total shoulder replacement and she has put me and my aunt in charge of all her catering parties for a while (with her supervision of course).

Recently we catered the Historical Society Event. The menu was delicious and smelled fabulous. With the help of my WONDERFUL husband, father and brother we were able to get the job done with Nanny’s stamp of approval. I do not have any recipes this time but promise there will be soon to follow.

First we have the preparation: Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs,  Pork Tenderloin with Red Wine Sauce, Mini Baked Potatoes, Rolls, Grape Salad, Carrot Salad and Mini Vanilla and Carrot Cake Cupcakes. Oh and did I mention there was a GRAND cheese tray????

Catering 1 chicken kabobs

Catering 3 pork tenderloin

Catering 4 vanilla cake (topped with Triple Chocolate Chunk Icing) and carrot cake (topped with Cream Cheese Icing)

Catering 5 Rolls are rising!

Catering 11 the cheese tray

Catering 8 grape salad, cookies and cupcakes

Catering 10 carrot salad

Catering 9 forgot to add the mini baked potatoes

Catering 14 here she is working with one arm and telling my daddy aka her son what to do

Catering 13 my brother topping the potatoes with sour cream and bacon bits YUM

Catering 2 oh and I can not forget this one, she is advising my Pa aka her husband- I just love this 🙂

Notice I could not snag a picture of the handsome Mr. Alabama Spice- he turned every time.

We have a wedding coming up that we will be catering and cant wait to share that menu with you 🙂

Bye for now!

Alabama Spice

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