Make It Pretty

JUNK!! Everyone has it – nobody likes it!  Junk crammed into a guest room, garage and in our case a closet.  It was time to get rid of the clutter and make the space pretty and more useful!

I wish I had a before picture but trust me…this closet space was FULL OF JUNK!  How does one collect so.much.stuff?!

I woke up Saturday morning and decided “Today is the day!” This closet sits just inside our backdoor and entry into the kitchen.  This is the perfect place to “drop things” on our way in, and I don’t mind that as long as it has some order.

Since this was so spur of the moment, I didn’t have build plans or even an exact idea of how I wanted it to look.  So basically, I made it up as I went along.  Looking back, I would have done things differently had I planned better, but I’m happy to say that I LOVE the results!

Clean slate
{My sweet husband was my painter for the day.  Notice how he paints himself too!}


Gather your wood & supplies


Determine your measurements


I made a frame for the bench/seat


and then added a top


I built a base & legs to support the top


Just testing out my measurements!! So far so good!!


We dropped the bench into place then secured the top to the base.


Now its time to make it pretty!!!


I added three Double hooks to provide plenty of room for hanging items


I found deep wicker baskets {similar to these} that will hold lots of odds and ends



One more look…

From this…


to THIS!


Completed in one day and this makeover costs less than $100!


4 thoughts on “Make It Pretty

    • Thank you & I agree! A convenient and organized “drop zone” is very useful. I need to stress to my family that it is OKAY to use this space – lol! It’s such a drastic change that they must think its just for looks! I linked up – thank you for the invite!


  1. So pretty! Having an area like this keeps you from trying to keep too much in a space. Closets are the easiest place to overload, but using the pretty baskets and have a “decorated” closet will keep it looking perfect!! Thanks so much for sharing your transformation with us at Your Turn to Shine this week!


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