Pallet project

I’m late to the game on recycling pallets into furniture…until now!


My nephew asked me to make a “manly” coffee table for his new bachelor pad.  I was up for the challenge since I have not created a product strictly from scrap lumber.

He was able to find free pallets for me to use.  He told me “I found them down the road from where I live…it’s like they were calling my name!”  LOL

To make the table top & outside frame I thought it would be best to keep as much of the pallet intact as possible.  Using a circular saw, I cut the pallet apart to the outside of the center support.  This worked out to be the perfect size and shape my nephew wanted.  And no need for straight cut lines!  He asked for a rustic look so slight imperfections gave the edges a rugged appearance.  I filled in the empty slats on top and the open ends with leftover wood.  Measure, cut {with my new favorite tool – Ryobi Band Saw – cuts like butta! hehe}  and nail into place.



Sand off the dirt, debris and splinters!




I recommend staining each section as you build but before you assemble.  It provides an all over coverage and saves time!  I used Minwax Early American purchased at Lowe’s.




A manly table does not need skinny legs!  I had a 4×4  from a past project that worked perfectly!  Using a miter saw, I cut the 4×4’s down to the correct length and attached them to the table top using my Kreg Pocket Hole Jig and 2 1/2″ screws.  Nice and sturdy!



This table is heavy!!! so next came more support by attaching 2×4’s {dumpster dive find!} horizontally to the legs.  The 2×4’s will serve at the base for the bottom shelf as well.  I cut 2×4’s to the length {Ryobi Band Saw} needed and attached them to the legs using my Kreg Pocket Hole Jig and 2 1/2″ screws.



Measure and cut the slats for the bottom shelf and attach with nails.  (Remember to stain first!)




I decided to add a 2 1/2″ metal corner bracket {purchased at Lowe’s} to the table edges to give it an appealing texture.


TA-DA!!!  I love it!!! And my nephew’s reaction…..

“Whoa! That’s one sexy table!”


I’d say my first pallet project was a success!

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