Hello world!

Hey everybody welcome to Southern Sawdust/Alabama Spice. I’m Chase, the food guru behind the posts. Food has always been a passion. I remember sitting in the kitchen with both grandmothers cooking anything from delicate dishes to down home dishes. I am married to the most handsome man in the South and have five children.. If I have time to cook for a big family-anyone can. Let’s get cooking!

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by Southern Sawdust/Alabama Spice.  Grab a seat & sip on some sweet tea while I introduce myself.  My name is Malissa aka Southern Sawdust.  I’m the rookie carpenter in this duo and have always had a creative side.   However, my mediums have changed over the years.  I’ve made the switch from delicate cakes to 2×4’s and power tools.  Building something out of nothing can be pretty intimidating, especially if you’ve never worked with power tools before. I’m here to teach you the basics that I’ve learned and help you build that piece you love, but can’t afford.  Let’s get building!


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